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Comprehensive Accounting and Financial Reporting Services

Beacon’s highly qualified and experienced team provides a full range of portfolio and fund accounting services to investment entities domiciled in onshore and offshore jurisdictions. Our services include:

  • Calculating Net Asset Values for onshore and offshore funds, including best practice equalization calculations of incentive fees
  • Three-way reconciliation of investments and cash with custodians and clients
  • Independent valuation of public and private securities
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Partnership accounting
  • Investment company, master-feeder, segregated portfolio, trust, partnership and other corporate structure accounting
  • Private equity accounting and administration
  • Side pocket accounting
  • Preparation of financial statements and co-ordination with auditors
  • Fully customizable financial reporting

Hedge Fund Share Registrar and Transfer Agency Functions

Beacon strives to balance the needs of investors, timely delivery of accurate information and the protection of its clients and investors while maintaining adherence to stringent due diligence procedures under AML/ATF legislation and KYC guidelines. Our services include:

  • Investor reporting of period end holdings and valuations
  • Maintaining investor records, share registers and partners’ capital account balances
  • Independent valuation of public and private securities
  • Performing investor due diligence under AML/ATF and USA Patriot Act compliance (KYC)
  • Distribution to investors of notifications, updated offering documents and audited financial statements
  • Transfer of authorized subscriptions monies to trading accounts
  • Payment of authorized redemptions and third party expenses

Director Services

Due to our experience and understanding of corporate governance issues we are often happy to provide a director for companies under our administration and act as an independent Director to non client companies.

Corporate Secretarial Services

We offer a full range of corporate secretarial services including the following:

  • Provision of a company secretary
  • Provision of a registered office
  • Maintenance of the statutory books and records of a company
  • Meeting coordination for directors and shareholders
  • Coordination of annual statutory filings with regulatory bodies
  • Offering solid advice as to best corporate governance practices
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