“Beacon uses powerful accounting, administration and reporting software…”

Accounting and administration
Beacon uses powerful accounting, administration and reporting software for all types of alternative investment vehicles. The software is called FundCount and is a fully integrated, multi-currency, portfolio and general ledger platform that is continually enhanced and developed directly with the vendor. Some of FundCount’s key features are as follows:

  • Customizable financial statement and portfolio analysis reporting including ability to export directly to MS Excel and PDF
  • Multiple security type accounting (including equities, bonds, options, futures, repos, asset backed securities, swaps and forward contracts)
  • Direct trade, price and foreign exchange rate upload, management and performance fee calculations including series shares, high watermarks and multiple hurdle rates
  • Corporate action processing
  • Automatic interest accruals
  • Bond premium/discount amortization
  • Fully customizable chart of accounts
  • Automatic investor income allocations
  • Multiple inventory relief method accounting (FIFO, LIFO, specific tax lot, maximum/minimum gain, average cost)

Specifically for our Private Equity clients, Beacon uses Investran, a sophisticated accounting software tool designed to meet the reporting and administrative needs of these clients. The software has an integrated environment which connects the reporting and accounting functions to other areas such as capital raising and deal pipeline management. The software is also able to generate user defined reports to meet the tailored needs of our clients.