“fully integrated solution in a single platform resulting in single source of truth

Single Integrated Platform

Beacon, in partnership with FundCount, has implemented a fully integrated solution in a single platform resulting in a single source of truth.

Beacon & FundCount has brought together professionals from technology and operations with domain expertise and formed a common team to continuously assess and make improvements. The development team benefits from the real-world complexities, wide variety of clients and insights provided by Beacon’s operations team.

Portfolio & Investment Management

The platform addresses the challenge of gathering and aggregating information from various sources in a timely fashion without compromising accuracy. All portfolio and investor accounting activity integrated through a single general ledger and on one platform, investment information is consolidated, accurate and instantly available to share with managers and investors.

  • Supports a wide range of asset types, including equities, derivatives, currencies, swaps, private equity and debt instruments. Variable master level data like factors / coupons are also captured.
  • Accounts for onshore and offshore hedge funds, private equity funds and fund of funds. Ability to have different allocation rules for different investors classes.
  • Provides custom functions allowing for proprietary calculations and manipulation with your data. Auto posting of fixed expenses, NAV based expenses like administration, custody, management and incentive fees.
  • Integrates investor and fund accounting in a single platform. The share register is automatically generated and fully matches accounting net asset value.
  • Automatically revalues all tiers of fund of fund and master-feeder structures.


Automated workflow tools streamline back-office operations to bring a higher level of efficiency to daily processes. We produce financials for investment managers, investors, auditors and regulators with speed and efficiency without sacrificing accuracy.

  • All accounting, investment and investor data flows through a single multicurrency general ledger.
  • There is no need to manually enter data in separate applications.
  • An automated process facilitates data import and integrates information from multiple sources whether prime brokers, investment managers, pricing feeds.
  • It accepts feeds from data pricing providers, creates net asset value, calculates management and incentive fees and reconciles portfolios with multiple custodians.
  • Schedule tasks to automatically import files, generate advance report sets, push reports to portal, database backup.


Timely, accurate reports are integral to investor confidence. They also set the foundation for compliance – providing fund managers, investors, auditors and regulators with transparency and an audit trail.

  • Extensive array of standard reports and flexible templates with rich graphics.
  • Customized unique reports and analyses specific to user needs.
  • Integration with MS Outlook enabling automatic email of reports.
  • Fully linked Web Portal with 24/7 full access to reports and other documents to fund managers, investors and third parties.

Specifically for our Private Equity clients, Beacon uses Investran, a sophisticated accounting software tool designed to meet the reporting and administrative needs of these clients. The software has an integrated environment which connects the reporting and accounting functions to other areas such as capital raising and deal pipeline management. The software is also able to generate user-defined reports to meet the tailored needs of our clients.

General Ledger

  • Integrates automatically with portfolio and partnership accounting for greater accuracy and operational efficiency
  • Tracks tax and book appreciation down to individual tax lots and series
  • Customizable chart of accounts offers flexible user-defined mapping
  • Carries tax information through any number of entities in complex master-feeder structures
  • Maps income and expense accounts to sections of IRS Forms 1065 and K-1 for U.S. tax reporting
  • Runs multi-entity consolidated financials with custom exclusion matrices constructed from the master chart of accounts
  • Provides management and accounting views of a firm’s financials off a single reconciled dataset
  • Customizable financial statement and portfolio analysis reporting including ability to export directly to MS Excel and PDF
  • Multiple security type accounting (including equities, bonds, options, futures, repos, asset backed securities, swaps and forward contracts)
  • Direct trade, price and foreign exchange rate upload, management and performance fee calculations including series shares, high watermarks and multiple hurdle rates
  • Corporate action processing
  • Automatic interest accruals
  • Bond premium/discount amortization
  • Fully customizable chart of accounts
  • Automatic investor income allocations
  • Multiple inventory relief method accounting (FIFO, LIFO, specific tax lot, maximum/minimum gain, average cost)
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